Aspire U5-710 stands out in elegant, slim and clean appearance while excels in visual and audio performance. Wrapping in gentle textile for an unique and comfortable tactile feel and building by multiple circular elements, it brings great tastes to your daily life and blends into your lifestyle. Meticulously crafted stand makes it sleek and stable. The port cover hides the ports to make it even cleaner and prevents them from the dust. The rounded-corner edges present an image of peaceful and harmony. The thin stand and its stable circular base right on the visual center of the look create a balance perception. The panel glass is extend to the edge of the front cover without any plastic frame around it, creating a clean and modern look. Besides, the deco mesh on the front is visually attractive and echoes the design of thermal exhaust. The stand is visually thin at front, but it has solid strength from the width on the side. The stand completes the design and finds the perfect balance between aestheticization and sturdiness. In addition, Aspire U5-710 can be tilted back (from -5° to 25°) providing the most comfortable viewing angle.

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