Aspire Z3-700 has a slender look, great mobility for space transitions, and stunning large display. Moreover, using the giant 17.3-inch FHD touchscreen makes everyday tasks like reading news, play video games, or sharing information with others very enjoyable. Due to the slender design with incredible mobility, the Aspire Z3-700 is able to create an incredible transition from the desk of your room to anywhere of your home with an easy grip. The pair of rubberized feet of bottom, and concealed stands allow the Aspire Z3-700 to stand upright when you want a desktop experience. There are four firm rubberized feet on the rear, and three on the bottom providing a solid and stable using experience by absorbing vibrations and impacts away from inside components. The thermal exhausts are well-tuned, and visually compelling. The rounded profile leads your eyes around each corner to continue along the path smoothly, and shares the same friendly design language with the dual stands, and rounded corners of the Aspire Z3-700.

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