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Today the Zucchetti. Kos group proposes a new bathroom world. Complete, innovative, unprecedented.
A new iconography that suggests alluring cultural melting pots, sensitivity to different tastes, poetic metropolitan influences.

The bathroom world: no longer a ritual, but an experience.

A vision rooted in the culture and expertise of Zucchetti, the historical brand of Italian design, and in the strength and dynamism of the Kos brand, the innovative and exclusive icon of contemporary style.

Two leading brands in the international panorama of design for the bathroom ambience, two brands united by a shared philosophy and purpose: the desire to explore every new opportunity in the market of bathrooms, creating new design products with a distinctive personality, meeting different demands in taste, and capable of personalizing and redesigning an environment, while transforming it into a veritable statement of lifestyle.

Long at the front line in research into technology and design, the Zucchetti.Kos Group uses the most prestigious names on the international scene to pursue its vocation for quality through Lifestyle, Innovation Wellbeing – Worldwide.

Through its collections, the Group has in fact always stood as a leading interpreter of modernity, giving life to new design icons for bathrooms, suggesting innovative design and space solutions and inviting its customers to try out unique and surprising sensorial experiences.

Wellbeing is a daily must: Turkish bath, rain showers, “idrocolore” colour therapy, aromatherapy,.. are combined with products that are avant-garde in style and structure, having achieved style icon status over the years. Research, new materials and advanced design systems have always been the cornerstones of the Group. Zucchetti.Kos aims to make its final customer the protagonist of its own wellbeing, living space and choices. It offers collections that are versatile, attractive, functional for all kinds of space and all tastes.

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