Zhejiang Hengyuan Sanitary Ware Co.,Ltd
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When it comes to manufacturing toilet seat covers, at Hengyuan we are market leaders. Through 30 years of
production experience, we have come to be the leading producer of toilet seat covers both in China and Asia. This has been achieved through a strong focus on high-quality products and constant design innovations.
At Hengyuan, we believe in individual style. Sometimes all it takes is small changes to transform a house into a home. For us, individuality starts at the toilet seat. Hengyuan's sanitarywares are well known for their innovative design, quality, and value for money. Under the guidance of these basic principles we have designed ingenious and popular products. Our main product lines include toilet seat covers in Wood, MDF, Moulded
Wood and Duroplast materials in many dierent colors and prints. Further, many accessories to match our toilet seat covers to make a bathroom complete. Every year we ship 5 million units, evidence of ourstrong production capacity.

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