Viola srl
Via Vigorelli, 28 20017 Rho Italy
Telefon: +39 93901196
Fax: +39 93900175

Born in 1986, a result of the intuitions of Claudio Lucchini, Viola S.r.l. has earned a leading position in the planning and production of products and solutions for technical and high-level furnishing.
Viola S.r.l.’s mission is to offer both maximum customer satisfaction and continuous innovation, the only way to guarantee a high standard of performance always remembering to balance price and quality. Viola S.r.l. pursues this target through the synergy of passion and high level of specialization. Our passion stems from our success in taking on ever more ambitious challenges and the effective internal communication between management and staff . High level of specialization and state-of-the-art technologies are distinctive features of the company, together with the selection of a product development team made up of mechanical, electrical and automation engineers who are able to follow the product from conception to mass production.

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