skiroll Ltd.

skiroll Ltd. is convinced that rollerskiing is the only true off-season alternative and complement to cross-country skiing.

It can always happen that the XC slopes are not within close reach or that the firmly planned seasonal snow is just not falling. XC skiing athletes may want to expand their training beyond the winter season or live their XC skiing passion throughout the year. Or, athletes from countries where no snow falls may want to enjoy that sport on wheels!

Our mission at skiroll Ltd. is to offer the best products around rollerskiing for cross-country ski enthusiasts. We want them to be able to live their passion outdoor at any time during the year also without snow and allow them to perform the necessary training in order to be ready for the next challenges.

WEASEL as our own rollerski brand stands for agility, speediness and precision. Not only the weasel as small, slim and nimble predator with its seasonal changing fur served as inspiration for the design of WEASEL rollerskis. For optimisation of the frame geometry, nature served as inspiring model, a procedure called bionics. The WEASEL rollerski is based on Swiss Engineering and manufacturing and is the result of scientific evaluation, mechanical testing and feedback from the field.

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