ROLF Spectacles | finest natural eyewear

A small, family-run business, situated in the heart of the Tyrolean Alps, ROLF Spectacles produces hand-made, lightweight wood, stone and horn eyeglass frames. Our aim is to set new trends in design and to turn new and innovative ideas for spectacles into reality. For ROLF’s line of eyewear, our research and development team has created a new and innovative hinge and utilize the optimized ROLF-lens-system. The new joint’s high quality and functionality allow easy and safe handling. Moreover, it unites all the mechanical properties of a high-quality spectacles hinge: during opening and closing, an integrated mechanism prevents the temple from closing on its own and holds it in the right position. The hinge is screw-less and maintenance-free. A special nylon filament, which goes through drilled holes, fixes the lens smoothly without the warming and cutting of the eyeglass frame. The advantages: the closed eyeglass frame provides more stability and there are no screws!

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