Roche Bobois International
18 rue de Lyon 75012 Paris France
Telefon: +33 1 53 46 10 00

Our increased awareness of how human activity can impact our environment has moved Roche Bobois to develop a new and more sustainable approach to design and manufacturing. We have always believed that it is essential to be eco-friendly in both creating and producing a design: a product is only creatively brilliant and of the highest quality if its production respects the environment around us and our customers. Therefore we have increased our commitment to ensuring that new products as well as those already established are more environmentally friendly. In order to achieve this, Roche Bobois has developed its own process of evaluation – Eco6: this software allows us to design more sustainable furniture. It also helps us to consider the best ways of making our existing products more sustainable.Already more than 150 of our pieces have been deemed sustainable according to the Eco6 guidelines.

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