Apartado 1, Vale do Grou 3754-001 Barrô Águeda Portugal

is a renowned company in the world of ceramics, specialized in the production
of ceramic wall and floor tiles.
It stands out for its Design and Innovation
policy, for which it has been recognized with many awards, both nationally and
has contributed to several emblematic works in over 50 countries: the Basílica
La Sagrada Família, in Barcelona, Gaudí’s masterpiece; Harrod’s, in England;
several computer stores in the USA and Canada; international airports in Russia
and Poland; underground stations in Spain, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands and
England; Hospitals in Kuwait and England; touristic buildings in the United
Kingdom, France and the USA;  shopping
centers in Slovakia, Ireland and Russia; football stadiums, shopping centers,
hospitals, schools, restaurants and residential buildings in Portugal. 

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