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prostoria (English room), is the name of a new phase, which follows the commercial confirmation of its quality production of upholstered furniture, is making a strategic turn towards exploring the way of life in a room. The inspiration behind each product’s design lies in the personal stories of those who pass through and live in the room, and this experience creates new and original relationships between people and objects. A room is thus transformed into a stage on which life is acted out, expressed through the synergy between innovative ideas, technology, craftsmanship and overall premium performance. Details are what allow individuals to stand out and while our sofas affirm this unique stamp of individuality, they also unify when people sit down together. prostoria’s Design Stories are tailored to these principles, and their innovativeness was recognised in 2012 with the Red Dot Award (Revolve sofa, design: Numen/ForUse and Bratović&Borovnjak).

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