P.O.S. Co., Ltd.
9-18-302 Sakuragaoka, Shibuya TOKYO,150-0031 JAPAN
Telefon: +81 4-2938-2277

Since its foundation, P.O.S has remained a family owned company. This continuity is an exceptional case in the Japanese watch industry and has participated to develop the natural dedication of P.O.S. to high-quality.
Founded in 1949 by Ryoji Sato, the company was originally named Yukosha and quickly earned an excellent reputation as a major dial manufacturer, supplying for decades renowned Japanese and Swiss brands. After its reestablishment in 1987, the company was renamed P.O.S. Co., Ltd. and began to import and promote Scandinavian brands into the Japanese market. In the meantime, Yoshimasa Sato, older son of Ryoji Sato, took inspiration from the prestigious history of the company to launch a new timepiece brand Hygge, a collection expressing P.O.S.’s passion for Scandinavian design and savoir-faire of watchmaking.
While becoming a recognized global brand, P.O.S. has been honored to develop Hygge, a high quality watch collection representing all its values and the Japanese traditions.

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