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I love gifts that are personalized with my kids photos, art work or names. I always want to keep them close to my heart and wearing pendants or other jewelry that “represents” them helps with that. One of my favorite pieces is a pendant with their image engraved on it. I’ve owned it for years and always get compliments.
I’ve also owned name rings in the past, where their names were engraved on two interconnected rings. I found that as much as I loved the concept, the interconnected rings were hard to size appropriately because you had to take into account the thickness of the ring that was being intertwined.
So even better are STACKABLE NAME RINGS. So just stack one ring next to another on your finger for each child. It’s chic and simple. Centime has a lot styles of name rings to choose from and a few are dainty enough to be stackable. Other rings can have multiple names on one ring, if you want to go that route.
I received the simple stackable name ring in sterling silver to review on theMomBuzz. The band of the ring is actually formed to write their names in cursive. There are 10 font styles and two ring materials to choose from.
The rings arrive delicately packaged in a ring box. After unpackaging, I showed the rings to my boys and they loved it too. Seriously, at 6 and 8 they want my world to revolve around them, so wearing their names on my finger means a lot to them too. It’s so sweet!
Just like I wear my wedding and anniversary band on my left hand ring finger to show commitment and love, I wear the name rings on my ring finger of my right hand for the same reason.
If you like the idea of the Stackable Name Rings, I suggest planning and ordering early. If it’s for you, be sure to go to a jeweler to get your finger correctly sized before ordering.
If it’s a gift, you might have to be sneaky about it! If you have access to your giftees jewelry, then you might want to take one of their rings to a jeweler to see what size they wear on a certain finger. Otherwise, you might want to consider the open style name ring, which would allow some wiggle room in sizing.

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