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Experienced Create quality and trust
CviLux Corporationwas established in 1990 and focused on producing and selling products including Connector, FFC, Cable assemblies, Optical communication components and PCBA. We are a professional manufacturer in electronic connector industry for 3C and optical-electronic relating products. The products are mainly used in electronics, computers, telecommunications, automobile, optoelectronics and peripheral products. Customers’ demands are always our priorities to be achieved. Therefore, it not only wins the customers’ trust but also creates a business image of mission being reached. Because of these spirits, at the moment, our sales are widely spread in over 80 countries in the world, as well as our distributors, which exceed 50 and spread in the world. 

Innovative brand fulfills your digital lifeIn the past 23 years, our brand vision toward the world is closer and closer so that we have more confidence and ambitions to push it. However, for a long time, Taiwan plays the primary OEM role in the IT industry. With the changes of time, many foundries have slowly transferred or found a different way to increase its competiveness. Regard of this, we have experienced numerous trials, setbacks, adjustments, and changes. Finally, in 2012, we built the own brand –O’PRO9

O’PRO9 focused on developing and sales in terms of Cloud ID Protector, Wireless acoustic, Splash water resistant, anti-shock power strip and smart phone accessories.O’PRO9 holds original faith of CviLux and looks into the future. In addition, we not only pay attention on OEM sales but keep doing product research and development as well. Furthermore,we can help you to prevent problems from happening. Our CEO, Mr. Steve Yang, has had experienced in the electronic connector industry for 38 years and he is proud and confident with O’PRO9’s products.

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