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OLIGO Lichtechnik GmbH
„Made in Germany“ in the best sense of the term

We have been producing quality luminaires for the home and the premium retail and commercial sector since 1987. With multi-awarding-winning single luminaires and track systems and our customised lighting concepts, we can provide the perfect solutions for all of your lighting needs.

Less is much more
OLIGO comes from the Greek „oligós“ and means „a little“. This
focus on elegant simplicity defines our design. We showcase light and design with ease and inspiration: as a brilliant experience or with simple functionalism; as bright and joyful or elusive and mysterious. All products share the characteristic of a compact and minimalist design that creates a fine balane between light source and light output. We focus on the essentials to create elegant, compact luminaires with an impressive output. OLIGO has a skilled in-house team and also collaborates with leading design firms to produce award-winning lighting masterpieces.

Innovative operation concepts
Two distinguishing features of products made by OLIGO are their innovative design and their impressive convenience of operation. They blur the boundaries of technology and design, each featuring a custom-developed LED light plate. Engineering as an art form enables the incorporation of new operating concepts with a magical appeal to the user that take the daily action of switching light on and off into a new experience dimension.

We are passionate about the fascinating medium of light and never satisfied with anything less than the very best. These are the things that motivate us in our day-to-day work at OLIGO. To guarantee the safety of our products and their continuous optimisation in terms of quality and function we subject every single one of them to stringent quality inspections and safety tests that are certified by internationally recognised certification bodies.

Made in Germany
All our luminaires are precision designed, developed and manufactured entirely in Germany. The 200 specialist personnel working at our two production facilities in Hennef (North Rhine-Westphalia) and Lenzen (Brandenburg) and at our headquarters in Potsdam, are supported by close partnerships with trusted, excellent regional suppliers and service providers.

OLIGO manufactures products that reflect all the best attributes of „Made in Germany“.

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