New Year, New Onecklace Items
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We have always viewed the New Year as new beginnings in which many of us would toss out the broken, the cracked, and the worn out, and start everything on a fresh and clean slate as much as we can.

As individuals, it seems like we’re also (almost) always wired to look and try something new when a new chapter begins in our lives. After all, starting the New Year with new things and a renewed

sense of self is always a great feeling.
So here in getnamenecklace, in an effort to give you quality name jewelry that’s beautiful, glamorous, trendy but reasonably priced, have come up with new jewelry items you’ll surely love! Here

is some of our new jewelry to start off a stylish New Year:
Silver Anchor Name NecklaceAnchor Pendant Name Necklace and Bracelet
We’re used to seeing name plate necklaces, or pendants that come in the shape of hearts, crosses, circles, and other common shapes or symbols engraved with names – and they all look pretty! But

an anchor shaped name necklace would be a great and unconventional addition to your collection especially with an anchor’s great symbolism; after all, nautical inspired clothing was very much

welcome over the past years, so why not have an anchor on a name necklace. So anchor’s aweigh! And start shopping for your anchor name necklace and/or anchor name bracelet today.
Engraved Initial Bracelet
If you’re not a necklace kind of person, but would like to have a piece of personalized jewelry, then an engraved initial bracelet is for you. It has a clean and elegant look that’s simple enough

to wear everyday while at the same time, worthy enough to wear in a formal setting.
Stamped Name Necklace
This is one of my personal favorites! A circular pendant that contains the name of your choice and looked like it was stamped in there in a neat looking way. It is a truly darling name necklace

that anyone can wear everyday and can be paired with anything.
24k gold plated monogram stud earringsMonogram Stud Earrings
Getting a little tired of the usual stud earrings? Then our new 24k gold plated monogram earrings might be just what you’re looking for. Uniquely monogrammed letters make these earrings truly graceful and a standout.

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