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There is a uniquely Western culture tradition of the gifting of name rings to mark the intention to marry. Usually these are given just to women–though in other cultures both genders are

known to wear them–and these days they are often name diamond rings. Out of these, Tiffany name rings are often considered the most desirable.

Tiffany is simply one of many companies that makes diamond name rings, however, their name carriers great weight. This is because of long-standing tradition that theirs is the highest brand, and

unfortunately, this is reflected in their prices.

To fully understand this, first remember that diamond jewelry is appraised largely based on its grade, with the carats in size and clarity of the diamond factoring in. Higher-grade diamonds go for

more, with the quality of the ring making only a moderate difference in total price. In this area, a name ring of a given grade may appraise for nearly the same as a more generic diamond ring.

Knowing this, why pay the premium price of a Tiffany ring? This difference in cost is still worth it to many people because of the perceived difference in image and brand quality. Just like

comparing a Gucci purse to a generic department store mass-produced one that is nearly identical, the name alone carriers weight.

To some extent, this is justified in the quality of the ring itself. Name rings are known to be made to high quality standards (no rhodium plated silver or other shortcuts), and their diamonds

are generally appraised to be just what they say they are. This does guarantee some base level of quality compared to buying off-brands.

At the same time, you will still pay a premium for the name. This is where we get to the heart of the issue: a name ring is a symbol of commitment and promise, and in some social circles

women are expected to show a ring of certain prestige. Like it or not, a name ring is going to be received better than an off-brand of the same grade.

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