moh architects
Kranzgasse 18/5B 1150 Wien Österreich
Telefon: 437000000000

moh architects is a Vienna based group of architects dedicated to developing an innovative
approach towards architecture, urbanism and design. Fascinated by space, technology,
technique and any form of unconventional thinking the studio strives to make a contribution
to the discipline of architecture both in the fields of academic, research-driven design
methodologies as well as built work.
Our designs seek to give intelligent answers to increasingly complex problems, independent
of scale and sector. We intend them to steer clear of a locked formal language just as much
as we work to prevent them of becoming purely technical – understanding that each client,
task and locale has its own confines and opportunities.
The firm was founded in 2007 by the founding partners Jens Mehlan, Christoph Opperer and
Jörg Hugo, who have been closely working together ever since teaming up as students at
Zaha Hadid’s Masterclass at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, Austria.
The firm has developed internationally recognized projects ranging from typological research
to large-scale urban developments and has been published in a wide range of magazines and
books. Projects currently in planning include the ‘House of Art’, a multipurpose museum
complex in Tehran, ‘Villa Caspian’, a luxury residence at the Caspian See as well as ‘Walsall
Waterfront’, a mixed-use development in Walsall, UK.

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