Markus Temming GmbH
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MARKUS T has stood for technically intelligent glasses “Made in Germany” since 1999. Glasses whose pure design and elegant simplicity reflects the personality of the wearer. What is more, MARKUS T glasses are extremely comfortable to wear, very durable and quite simply do their job. And the person wearing them? Quite simply feels good.

This is partly down to the high-quality materials used, such as titanium and TMI plastic, these grant the characteristic lightness as well as flexibility and stability. Its innovative plug-in system for connecting the middle part and the temples is the hallmark of MARKUS T and ensures extreme durability. Equally, the screwless glazing system perfectly showcases the unique design of MARKUS T eyewear.

Brand creator and company owner is designer Markus Temming who made his first glasses frames sat at his kitchen table. Since then, the charming farmhouse in Gütersloh in Westphalia has grown into the company headquarters, exporting on an international scale, producing a 100 % Made in Germany product with nearly 60 local employees and suppliers from both the region and the whole of Germany. Markus Temming has already been distinguished as a family-friendly employer for his individual working time models. But everybody is a winner: Pleasant working conditions play their part in the high quality of MARKUS T products. Something appreciated by wearers and opticians.

Eyewear by MARKUS T has already been honoured with more than 30 national and international awards – a classic example of excellent German design.

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