Lymed Oy
Telefon: +358207792233

LYMED® Oy is a manufacturer of high class techno-medical garments with 20-year experience. A leader and a developer in its field, Lymed is an official medical aid manufacturer with a strong focus on deepening the understanding and applications of pressure treatment. Lymed studies pressure treatment constantly and innovates at a level which transcends different industries. Combining new technologies and traditional knowhow, Lymed’s award-winning garments are handmade in Tampere, Finland.

After two decades of constant need for knowledge and the urge to develop, Lymed has progressed to all applications of pressure treatment – edema, post-operation, sensory integration disorders, animals and sports. Nowadays LYMED garments are used to treat several indications. Garments can be used in the traditional sense (scar management and edema), post-operational treatment as well as being used as supporting garments for e.g. CP and autism. The individual needs are always taken in to consideration when the garment is designed.

The philosophy behind LYMED® products is the needs of our customers – high-quality made with a personal touch. The materials chosen are used in manufacturing the pressure garments, enabling us to design garments that are comfortable to wear, look good and give the best possible result in pressure treatment.

Lymed is known all over the world for their knowhow. The people-driven ideology is shared by many – high quality in lieu with customized products is a combination that is hard to beat.

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