La Boite concept
41 rue Sedaine 75011 Paris
Telefon: +33143725324

La Boite concept was created in 2008 by 3 generations of the Cagniard family:
Marie, Thierry, Guillaume and Timothee CAGNIARD who represent the founders
of the famous HiFi brand, SIARE, launched in 1938. La Boite concept, develops
high-quality and innovative speakers with the mission: to combine traditional Hi-Fi
stereo sound, high design and functional products in an «all in one» unit dedicated
to new sound technology (Wireless systems for Smartphones, Tabs and Laptops).
Each component is designed from A to Z by La Boite concept synthesizing the
talents of a creative duo in electro-acoustics, Timothee Cagniard, CEO and
Yvon Maurel, PhD in Electroacoustic. All R&D is conducted in its own lab in the
southwest of France (basque country) bringing forth increasingly efficient new
products which benefit from a longstanding expertise in electro-acoustics.

La Boite concept originally became famous by creating the LD «Laptop Dock,» the
first Hi-Fi station dedicated to the laptop. The company continues to expand year
after year by filing new patents and developing innovative products while using
local resources. La Boite concept speakers are both efficient and ergonomically
sound and each product has always a separate functional purpose (multimedia
desk, table…). 

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