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H3C Technologies Co., Limited (H3C), is a leading global supplier of IP-based products and solutions. With principal operations in Hangzhou, China, H3C employs 4,800 people worldwide.
To maintain a level of innovation and technical excellence, H3C operates advanced R&D facilities in Beijing and Hangzhou in China; invests more than 15 percent of revenues back into R&D every year and has more than half of the workforce engaged in research and development. Till the end of 2012, it has applied for nearly 4000 patents, over 85% of which are original invention patents.
H3C offers a full series of IP products and solutions, including routers, LAN switches, network security, WLAN, intelligent management software etc. To resonate with the future trend of cloud computing and virtualization, H3C develops a wide array of solutions based on its NGIP concept to accommodate the cloud computing, data center, WAN, MAN and LAN.
Currently, H3C takes the pole position in China’s LAN switch and enterprise router markets. Together with its parent company HP, H3C has secured the No.2 position in the global networking market.
H3C sells its products and solutions through more than 3,900 channel partners in Greater China. The company also has a high-caliber direct touch sales team, working closely with partners to explore the potential of H3C solutions for its customers. In the rest of world, H3C leverages HP's global resources to sell H3C products and solutions to the worldwide customers.

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