Garda & CO. Srl Project Industries
Strada Antica di Francia, 41 10057 Sant'Ambrogio (TO) Italy
Telefon: +39 011 9787129
Fax: +39 011 9787129

The Garda Company was founded in 1979 in Turin.

Our company operates on a surface of 1,200sqm which includes offices and a warehouse. Our organization offers a full service from project planning to finished product delivery including shipping world wide.
The design and creativity comes to life thanks to our professional unit of highly qualified staff. The valuable experience acquired after thousands of products manufactured  allow us to offer exclusive projects and feasible performance.
We  are active in major areas of procurement.
We deal directly with the producer by a lean start to finish supply.
By guaranteeing every finished product, we ourselves perform quality control Procedures. Our company philosophy foresees the supply of products and services at the highest level observing environmental and security standards. The internal workshop carries out a major part of the works in such a way that Quality control is exercised on each item. Delivery and consignment services are are used by logistic and haulage companies For over a decade track record. We are prepared to satisfy even the most demanding of requests by our clients; We interface with computer language systems and programming. Should you require further information we kindly welcome your enquiries.

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