Ember Design Manufactory Ltd.
Alkotás út 17-19 1123 Budapest Ungarn

We believe in simple forms and shapes. We
believe that it’s through play that we discover joy. We believe that we
have the responsibility to provide that joy for our children and
grandchildren. We also believe that at the core of that responsibility
is high quality, which is a must, guaranteed by caring about the things
we do. Moreover, we believe that things with varied functionality can
always be put to new use.
The substance of our strategic thinking is
that people need to reconnect with the real world where natural raw
materials prevail. From the earliest concept, sustainability was very
important for our team. Not only did we want to use sustainable
materials and manufacturing but we also designed our products to have a
long life. The essence of our philosophy is that longevity will bring
appreciation and a lasting value.
We take our children’s development
seriously and we place a strong emphasis on protecting our nature. We –
the EMBER Design Manufactory – invite you to join our world of high
standard imaginative toys and sustainable toy-systems like the ROLLARK.

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