Since its establishment in 1998, ekin
Technology has maintained its perpetual growth with the launch of ekin
Design and Production in 2000; followed by the formation of ekin
Information Technology, which has led to the company becoming a strong
technology firm. With offices and centres in Abu Dhabi, Ankara, Baku,
Dubai, Stuttgart, Istanbul, New York and Ottawa, ekin Technology has
implemented a wide range of successful projects, both domestic and
international, while taking special care to be the local solution
partner of the regions it provides services to.

ekin technology places a high level of emphasis on the security and
satisfaction of its clients, providing a secure and comfortable
lifestyle with its technological solutions in the intelligent traffic,
fully integrated city and home security fields. With advanced work on
traffic control, crime and terror, and extraordinary situations in
strategic locations, ekin Technology produces innovative and development
friendly solutions to protect individuals from all foreseeable risks.

After successfully implementing its city security solutions at the
2004 NATO Summit in Turkey and 2014 FIFA World Cup in Germany, ekin
Technology has taken its place as a global player in the world market.

As the first company to install a MOBESE (Mobile Electronic System
Integration) system in Turkey in 2005, ekin Technology has also proved
its success in the field of technology.

Celebrating its expertise in the industry with hundreds of successful
projects, ekin Technology continues its mission to become a world brand
with its software, design and sales teams consisting of strong,
experienced engineers.

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