Ege Vitrifiye established in Kemalpasa,
İzmir in 1994 as one of the most state-of-the-art facilities in the
world in terms of its plant and technology used.
Improving the production capacity of the factory that has
been installed on an area of 59,000 m2 of which 41,600 m2 is closed
area, from 650,000 pcs to 1,400,000 pcs/year by investing in order to
keep the production in full capacity. 86% of the production is performed
benefiting from the High Pressure Casting Technique which is the utmost
technology, considering the manufacturing technology in vitrified
In the portfolio of Ege Vitrifiye there are product
groups directed to serial and project solutions in 15 different designs
formed by „Design and Product Development Department? involved in its
own establishment. Considering all of the products developed Computer
Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), Computer Aided
Engineering (CAE) and Reverse Engineering (RE) have been used actively.
Product developing activity has been kept going in direction of the
demand by world markets and appreciation gained.
Ege Vitrifiye exports 50% of its production to the
countries including but not limited to European Countries, USA and
Australia. Germany, England, France, Finland, Nederland, Sweden, Poland,
Israel, Azerbaijan and some of other Middle East countries are also
included in the countries importing from Ege Vitrifiye.
Ege Vitrifiye offers its products to the customers in domestic and overseas fairs such as Unicera, Cersaie, and ISH.

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