No.28, Wuchuan Rd., Wu Ku District, 24886 New Taipei City Taiwan

ECLAT utilizing the most professional manpower, swiftest response and
most competitive cost to obtain maximum yield for protecting
shareholder’s equity and satisfying customer demands.

We provide the employees a fine working environment, aspiring the
employee’s creativity and wisdom to grow alongside with the company.

Enlisting strategic worldwide marketing hubs helping to close in on the
market, satisfy customer needs, together with streamlining the flexible
functional knit fabric manufacturers in vertical integration. Becoming a
global professional functional apparel maker that would help to achieve
a vertical integration to streamline production and to satisfy the
customer with volume and competitiveness is one stop shopping.

We Upholding a maximum merchandising pursuit to the core concept of our
business, producing the flexible functional fabric varieties and
professional functional apparels that would enhance the consumer’s
living quality, together with ongoing technical refinement, aiming to
excel industry competitiveness and securing maximum profit in creating a
sustainable management.

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