DYDASH International Co., Ltd.
6F., No.13, Ln. 258, Sec. 2 104 Taipei City Taiwan

From being student to office worker, the life experiences are nonstop, Always think it would be better if the product can be like this way or that way. Without the feel by self, also heard the complaint from others. Therefore, hope to make one innovative, unique and so differ-ent bag. Thus, everything will be making from zero. Discover the true voice from everywhere, making different function that other brands did not think about, find the most suitable factory, choose fabric, leather, metal…and so on, it is not that easy in the process but we all hope to have a bit change for this brand. We are trying to make the innovative product which have practical function, wish everyone could have a new using bag life experience. The regular city life, the day I met was person who is change-able, that was you. You like to share your extremely big smile to face uninterest-ing, surprising, even challenged every single day. For you, you could still go through the tough situation with your smile even it is difficult. You do not like things are not changed, so you choose the ad-venture, taking risks in our life is never easy as like as fairy tales but the process must be fulfilled memories with us. Hope the hard working could be found by the world. You said, it all doesn‘ t matter, go take risk because of chasing happiness or have happiness because of taking risks, the most important thing will be share the happiness with you in any moment. 

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