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The Durlet company was established in 1966 by Egide Durlet. A family
business, it was joined two years later by Pieter Vanzieleghem, Durlet’s
stepson. The entire team consisted of five people. From the very start,
Durlet stood resolutely for top quality and innovative designs.
And always in cooperation with outside designers – in those days a
revolutionary concept. The models are the creations of the trend-setting
German designers Waldmann, Gölz and Schmidt. Already in its first year, Durlet took part in the Brussels Furniture
Exhibition: the start of a success story. In 1968, Pieter Vanzieleghem
oversaw the birth of Interieur Kortrijk where he remains to this
day a member of the Board of Directors. Meanwhile, the furniture
exhibition expanded into a biennial world-renowned design show. For
Durlet, it still remains an important two-yearly event.

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