Dunlop Protective Footwear
Boeierstraat 12 8102HS Raalte Niederlande

Dunlop is the global leader in branded protective footwear recognized
for performance in protection and comfort, offering market inspired
solutions and being a valuable partner.
Several times a week we receive emotional stories from our customers,
describing their experiences with our protective boots. This clearly
indicates that boots are not just a functional item for our end-users,
but that they also play an important role in the worker’s lives and have
an emotional dimension as well.
We want to tell their story first, so that the people of Dunlop are
even more connected to those people out there who work hard for our
shelter food and energy! Vice versa as well, realizing that the Dunlop
team is working for them. This is why we want to make it even more
specific for our company, that the end-user is at the heart of what we
do, through a new mission, the deeper ‘why’ of our daily engagement.
As a global market leader in branded protective footwear, Dunlop is
committed to growing the business responsibly by making our boots and
operations more sustainable.

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