Double Double
1075 york st 94110 san francisco USA

We are two moms, two friends, two product designers. We live in
different continents, but together, we are Double Double. We’re taking
the experiences of our daily mom-lives and putting them together with
our professional skills and years of design experience to create
products that make being a mom or dad that bit easier.
Our mission – to decrease the hassles and increase the joys of
parenting! That may sound like a big statement but well, we believe in
the power of simple, thoughtful design. Design that delights, inspires,
and facilitates life. 
Double Double’s first product is SipSnap, the original one size fits
all sippy cup lid. These lids help prevent spills whilst clearing some
space in the kitchen, so you and your little doubles can spend less time
fussing and more time playing!  
How did it all start?  While working on a design project together, a
little off topic sketch sparked the idea of for a silicone sippy cup lid
that could fit on any cup.  After working on it for a year and a half
we launched SipSnap to much success on Kickstarter in March 2014. The
response was amazing and we were thrilled to see that we had invented
something parents really wanted.
We’re already busy developing our next product and we can’t wait to share it with you! Thanks for joining us on our journey!

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