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As a global company, we understand that what we do and the decisions we make affect many people around the world.
Doro requires suppliers to sign a special declaration regarding good
corporate social responsibility. This declaration includes a large
number of requirements regarding child labor, forced labor, the working
environment, remuneration levels, working hours and the right to union
membership. As of 2008, Doro is conducting third party audits to
ascertain compliance of its policies. In the event of a breach of
contract, Doro has the right to immediately discontinue all association
with the supplier.
For us, Quality is about delivering products that answer real needs
and enable you to continue doing the things you’ve always enjoyed doing.
Quality assurance – a basic ingredient for success you’ve
always enjoyed doing. We call it ‘total experience of quality,’ a task
that begins with product development at Doro, and continues with the
manufacturing process at our suppliers.
Doro places great emphasis on quality control. Regular checks and
monitoring are the main elements in developing and manufacturing new
products. Fully functional quality control with clear internal and
external processes is a condition for being able to take the next step
into the product area.

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