Doppler Labs, Inc
611 Broadway 10012 New York USA

It’s a
question we asked ourselves and the answer was simple: earplugs are
awkward, look bad and muffle sound. We wanted ear plugs that didn’t
protrude out of your ears – making them embarrassing to wear at a club
or a sports event – and didn’t get in the way of your listening
experience.  Since we couldn’t find anything that met our standards, we
decided to invent it.
a team of top sound engineers, industrial designers, musicians and
creatives, the DUBS team dived headfirst into inventing a superior
option for hearing protection. After countless iterations, design
improvements and acoustical innovations we finally created something we
were proud to share with the world.
Acoustic Filters were introduced on September 23rd. Their launch marks
the beginning: the first of a line of audio products that will be
forthcoming from Doppler Labs.
Stay tuned.

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