304 W Main St, # 120 Avon, 6001 Avon USA

eGeeTouch® is a registered trademark of DIGIPAS USA LLC,
an affiliated company of Ventura Group with a history of over 20 years.
We are located in USA, Japan, UK, Germany and Singapore. The group of
companies is led by Dr Jim Li who holds a PhD from
Cambridge University, UK and he owns over 30 patents in the field of
advanced technology deployment to electronic devices and manufacturing
processes. The R&D team comprises highly specialized professionals
focusing on the development of core capabilities within the niched
domain expertise of advanced precision instrument and intelligent access
security technologies.

In 2014, we launched the world’s first eGeeTouch® NFC smart locking device which subsequently winning numerous Innovation Awards
from USA and Japan. The novel innovation of eGeeTouch smartlock
wirelessly link through the internet to the Cloud-computing
infrastructure, deploying highly secured NFC technology and eGeeTouch
App via user’s smart devices such as smartphone, tags/fobs etc.,
validated us as the world pioneer in introducing Internet of Things (IoT) into travel luggage industry by the prestigious world’s largest US Consumer Electronic Association (CEA) at 2014 CES Unveiled New York.

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