6F, No.151, Xinhu 1st Rd., Neihu Dist. 11494 Taipei City Taiwan

All the members from Digidock were in Hi-Tech
industrial for a long time, with the mature and wide knowledge, we are
not just producing the consumer electronics device, but able to add the
elements of delicacy and yet simple design. From our very first
DVR(Digital Video Recorder), PVR(Personal Video Recorder) till
DPF(Digital Photo Frame). Through times, FM transmitter/MP3 player.
Digidock understands the trend of
computers, communications and consumer products are integrated to a
smaller portable device, not just functional but also entertaining at
the same time. Finding the solution to enhance the comfort for people to
use such device portably, we started to shift our direction to car
cradles for holding those smart and advance devices. Now, from 2013 no
matter which transportation you are on, we can always provide the right
cradle to fit your smart device. All the products are designed based on
how to make people’s life easier and enjoyable at the same time.
the OEM/ODM requests from our customers, in recent year, we are devoted
to build up our own brand image and channel by joining different
exhibition locally and internationally.
At Digidock, we believe that the
best quality and top performance are our main priorities in achieving
our goal to obtain public acclaim worldwide. Our mission

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