Deviant Ventures
675 Greenwood Ave unit 122 30306 Atlanta USA

Deviant Ventures is an innovation incubator, aspiring to be an entity
developing products and intellectual property, marketing its own
portfolio of brands and intellectual property as well as providing the
same service for other blue chip companies and brands. We specialize in
creating transformational new products, brands and inventing new
business models. We like to think we are agents of deviance and strive
to help others take a measurable step away from the norm. Deviant
Ventures operates on a progressive and entrepreneurial business model
fusing art, science, entertainment marketing and genius design from
inception of an idea to creation of a brand to marketing a product. We
are experts in attracting the masses to products, infusing entertainment
marketing to communication campaigns wisely, inventing new products and
creating new markets. Stay tuned – we will amaze you!

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