Defakto Uhren
Seestraße 131 13353 Berlin Deutschland

Founded in 2009 by
Raphael Ickler, DEFAKTO is a brand with a clear mission. To create
watches with a minimalist aesthetic that change how we interact with
manufactured in Pforzheim, Germany, by the Ickler family, who has been
creating precision timepieces of high quality since 1924. The design of
our watches recall the teachings of the Bauhaus while maintaining a
strong contemporary aesthetic, for a timeless design. Since the
beginning of 2013 the brand is based in Berlin with its new office at
Brückenmeisterei, Seestraße 131, 13353 Berlin.
The original single hand automatic watch, the DEFAKTO EINS,
achieved the DEFAKTO philosophy by motivating the user to accept
telling time in larger intervals and at a slower pace, thus creating a
more relaxed flow through the day.

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