Damixa Aps http://www.damixa.com
Telefon: +45 63102210

Damixa is a Danish company, located in Odense Denmark. Founded in
1932 the company started by making parts for motorbikes. But this
changed in 1966 when Damixa was the first to introduce the 1-handle
mixer in Europe. This escalated the business and the factory was build
where Damixa is located today. Through the 70`s and 80`s Damixa grew
extensively and was first with many things. For example the combined
color indication and the horse-shoe fastening system.  Both of which
today are industry standards.

Today Damixa has one of the markets broadest product ranges where
a wide specter is covered, both design- and price wise. There is surely
something to be found that suits anyone, and you can be sure that all
of our products include both Danish design and quality. That is what we
call “When Design Makes Sense”.

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