Dallmer GmbH +Co. KG
Wiebelsheidestraße 25 59757 Arnsberg Deutschland

Manufacturers such as ourselves require strong marketing partnerships to
ensure that the large number of professional and end-user customers can
be serviced quickly and efficiently, wherever they may be.

For us, this three-level approach to marketing is the correct one. We do
not supply our products directly to end-users nor to groups outside the
various sectors we serve.

We work in the knowledge that the customer is best served by a competent
installation company. Such installers use the platform provided by
wholesalers to choose exactly the right product from a large selection,
and then install it for the customer.

We work closely with architects and consultants, to ensure that the
buildings they create include the very best possible products needed for
them to function correctly whilst incorporating good design at every

We also provide systems or components for many other leading
manufacturing companies who appreciate our high level of design and
manufacturing expertise.
Our credo is: perfect products result from an interplay of outstanding
functionality, high-quality materials and good design. It is only when
all of these conditions are properly met that we can be satisfied with
the results. A brief glance at our range shows just how much investment
of time and effort has been made. That’s what makes all the difference
for us.

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