D-Tec Industriedesign GmbH http://www.d-tec.de

The siblings Beatrice and Markus Börgens founded the company 30 years
ago. Today D-TEC is one of the most esteemed international design
collections in Germany.

Throughout europe and all over the world with over 1000 business
partners D-TEC is the only brand that takes care of everything from the
design to the distribution. We have over 40 emplyees in production and
administration that watch over our products from the idea all the way to
delivery. This is the most important reason for quality and function of
our products.

the charge of the founder and industrial designer Markus Börgens three
designers are steadily working on innovations. We implement your ideas
and concepts in Düsseldorf in handcraft. Well-selected and specialized
suppliers are involved, who manufacture the single components. We know
and accompany every little set screw from the idea to the presentation
in accredited design studios.

Your suggestions reach us, this is why we are able to transform these
recommendations into new ideas and trends. We have our ears uniquely
tuned to your wishes.

On this way a lot of D-TEC products became up-to-date classics, e.g. our
wardrobe panel PACIFIC, the first modular glaspanel for your entrée.
The mirror BAIKAL, with a unique function that combines decoration and
lightplay, that we have been successfully selling for over 15 years.

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