For millions of years man has lived with fire, and nothing else calms
down, unites and fascinates better than an open fire and the sound of
crackling wood.
For sure, everyone who has a backyard, patio, terrace or lawn has
dreamt of having a fire place, yet has faced the problem of arranging it
without damaging the surface and causing harm to the surrounding
environment. Likewise, when you want to make a fire place in the open
air, most of the time there is a trouble with finding the right place
and clearing it after a party or a relaxed evening.
We offer a handy portable outdoor fire pit for your backyard or patio.
The outdoor fire pit is equally perfect as a calming and warming object
when you wish to immerse in contemplation and meditation or to indulge
in a peaceful rest for a while, and other times it can gather around a
cheerful and large bunch of people who have come to your party. The fire
pit will serve as a uniting element of the spacious exterior.

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