Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbH

In today’s vehicles, countless pieces of information are exchanged among the various electronic components, and selected information has to be presented to the driver.The demand for comprehensive information management in a vehicle is expressed by Continental’s dedication to supporting the driver in being „Always On“.Continental technologies and integrated systems control and optimize the complex flow of information inside and outside a vehicle. The information obtained through the various sensors, control units, antennae, and operating devices needs to be delivered in a way that is reasonable and useful to the driver.By linking the driver, the passengers and the vehicle with infrastructure, other vehicles and mobile devices, Continental achieves both keeping the driver informed about relevant driving data and ensuring entertainment and information for all occupants.Information exchange and information processes with HMI-friendly products like head-up displays, voice-recognition and text-to-speech technologies, tachographs, cockpit modules, multimedia or navigation systems ensure safe, efficient and entertaining driving.

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