The owner-run company in the Bavarian town of Gaimersheim is a leading
supplier of tools and machines for the preparation of materials on the
building site and for „mixing in closed containers“ for industrial firms
and retailers.

Ever since our company was founded in 1974 we
have been dedicated to „solving mixing problems“ and have over the years
developed into a specialist in the field with an international
reputation. Our philosophy revolves around continuous growth based on a
solid economic base and rigorously pursued quality and brand policies.
Our products, which are recognized as being of a high quality, are
manufactured by a workforce of around 100 employees. It is not for
nothing that Collomix products are so highly regarded by our customers.
In addition, we place great value on a working relationship with our
customers, suppliers and partners which is based on partnership and
respect. Today the company serves markets in over 40 countries around
the world.

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