CJB Computer Job s.r.l.
Via Ghislandi 24 25125 Brescia Italien

CJB was founded in 1987 by a group of hardware and software design
engineers, with the aim of providing custom solutions for Industrial
Automation. We started with 16-bit microprocessor (Motorola 68000)
creating S/W development systems and real-time kernels. In the 90s the
rapid spread of PCs and the availability of evolved Operating Systems
helped us to develop any kind of Windows®- and QNX®-based application
(the latter for real-time solutions). The simultaneous availability of
x86 Industrial PC cards made our customers begin using them, and soon we
were asked to develop custom H/W based on these architectures.

Since 2000 we’ve been developing our Real-Time-IEC 1131-3 Design Tool
(PowerPLC-Bridge®) which is still the cutting edge of our software
products. Thanks to PowerPLC-Bridge®, the development of Industrial
Control Applications can be made a lot easier and quick. Nowadays,
thousands of PowerPLC-Bridge® applications run in our Customers‘

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