Cilek Furniture
IDTM A3 Blok 17. Kat No 469 Yesilkoy 34149 Istanbul Türkei

Çilek was founded in 1995 in Turkey in an effort to specialize and make a difference in all aspects. For the purpose of reaching perfection, Çilek engaged in extensive
and detailed activities in the industry including but not limited to
technological facilities, sense of lean manufacturing, original designs,
functionality, user-friendly products, safety certificates, franchise
stores, architectural consultancy services. With the aim of presenting its original designs and an exciting room
atmosphere to all children of the world, Çilek got into the
international market in the first year of its foundation and became one
of the most important brands of the world in the furniture industry. Being a leader in its industry, Çilek offers furniture and room
accessories targeted for babies, kids and teens under the concept of
‘’Çilek Room’’ in its stores. Çilek follows the path of becoming a global brand by spreading all
over the world through franchising and enriches the rooms of more than
three million children worldwide. In total, Çilek operates 444 outlets
scattered over 66 countries in 5 continents, serving with 2.000
employees in a total indoor space of 60.000 sqm.

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