Changeui Medical Co. Ltd.
Gwangnaru-ro-6gil, Seongdong-gu 133-832 Seoul Südkorea

‚Freedom from pain and a
new start‘ serves as the foundation for our company. To realize this goal, the
last ten years for Changeui Medical has been the time for evaluating and
overcoming challenges. Even in this day and age, where living for a hundred
years is a reality, spinal disorders still present one of the biggest obstacles
in our lives. Our efforts to help our customers suffering from these disorders
start a new life, is now not only available domestically but in more than 20
different countries.

2008, U.S. PDAC approved
the sale of Disk Dr. by health insurance companies. As a result, patients
suffering from spinal disorders in the U.S. can now purchase Disk Dr. at a
reduced cost through their insurance provider. Disk Dr.’s distributors across
the globe are exposed to competition from a number of similar products but
taking action against copycats is unnecessary. Our customers have prevented our
competitors from making inroads into the market by continually choosing our

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