CEIT Technical Innovation, s.r.o.
Univerzitná 8661/6A 010 08 Žilina Slowakei

CEIT Technical Innovation, s.r.o.is a dynamically
growing company focused on the research and development of solutions for
the industry. Our team is composed of experts in engineering,
industrial engineering, information technology and electrical
engineering, who are dedicated to creating innovative solutions using
the latest technologies. We are part of the CEIT Group owned by the
company CEIT, a.s..
In addition to CEIT technical innovation, s.r.o. the CEIT Group also
includes are subsidiaries with which the company is actively working in
project implementation. They are CEIT consulting, s.r.o., CEIT digital factory, s.r.o. and CEIT-KE, s.r.o.

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