Cebu Home Craft
Zone Paliya, Pak-Naan, Mandaue 6000 Cebu Cuty Philippinen

Cebu Homecraft is a company with a heart for social progress.  Its production processes are designed such that receiving, dyeing, and other preparation of raw materials are done at the factory.  The manufacturing of actual products, however, is carried out by a network of subcontractors located in different outreach communities throughout the Philippines.  This method of production provides much needed work for the families in these communities, where in most cases subcontracting for Cebu Homecraft is their only source of income.  To ensure consistency of quality, the company’s product controllers visit each subcontractor on a regular basis.  Finished products are then delivered to the factory where they undergo a final quality inspection, are packed, bar-coded, and shipped to the company’s customers. 

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