Cebien Co., Ltd

With its unique “DNA” to see what others can’t see, Cebien has devoted all its effort to the development and advancement of shower products, being a core incubator of unique and modern design for shower products in global markets. Cebien has a principle of challenging itself by making what other competitors can’t. Every Cebien product for the past two decades was the result of persistence of this principle that demands creative design. However, that does not mean Cebien focuses only on something creative and new but also reasonable prices and high quality.
We believe our strength of design might stem from the challenge to seek out the beauty in normal life. Cebien R&D centre aims to improve its global competitiveness by realizing those creative designs. In order to continuously lead the market, developing a new series of creative concept of bathroom in futuristic model of dwelling culture is its major priority. The co-op system of Research & Development Center and Cebien business department makes Cebien a specialized leader in the bath industry.
Cebien has maintained a good business relationship with Samsung C&T, Hyundai E&C, Posco E&C, GS E&C, Daewoo E&C, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction, Lotte E&C and more by obtaining excellent feedbacks from their customers for more than 17 years. To fulfill our vision $20M in 2020, not only in B2B but also B2C market, we are growing rapidly along with 18 on-line shopping malls and 12 local agencies. We keep moving forward to become a world-class shower system company where dream and passion coexist

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