Ceba Battery
Guangdong Province, Shenzhen City, Nanshan Distric 6090 shenzhen China

CEBA (a brand of ENEMOB limited) was established in 2000. Since its foundation, production and exportation of all kinds of high-efficient batteries became our expertness with marketing experience for many years. In 2006, the sales forces and the network were expanded to Mainland China and a branch office was set up in Shenzhen. Today, as CEBA, we supply full range of batteries. Our major products are rechargeable batteries such as li-ion, li-polymer, ni-mh, ni-cd batteries; primary batteries such as lithium button, alkaline, zinc air, lithium thionyl batteries; battery charges and battery holders. At CEBA, we believe “we win when the customer win”. Precisely because of this, CEBA offers you the best products and services. Find out why the world’s most successful companies trust us to supply their own demands.

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