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Cavim, the leading Israeli institute for  studies leading to a design
diploma, was established in 2003 by Sa’ar Golan. Golan holds a masters’
degree in

architecture and is a graduate of London’s UNL. He assembled a
group of architects and designers, graduates of the most prestigious
universities in Israel and around the globe, together they founded the
first school of its kind in Israel, one that combines academic theory
with practicum, providing the highest levels of instruction.

Cavim is a holistic  initiative  that comprises  three organizations:
•School of Design – Six learning centers spread throughout the country:
in Haifa, the Port of Tel Aviv, Kfar Saba, Bnei Brak, Rishon l’Zion,
and Beersheba. 
• “Digital Cavim” – A school offering  courses in computer and digital-based design , drafting and graphics.
• “Cavim in the Port” – Architectural and design center located at the Port of Tel Aviv.

Cavim was established with the objectives of becoming the leading school of design practices,
To initiate discourse in design education, And to promote community engagement within the academic and professional arenas

Its immediate goals are
1. To provide students the theoretic, practical, and technological tools required to meet market demands.
2. To become a center for all those interested in design, from professionals to the general public.
3. To develop innovative curriculums and lay the foundation for academic programs.

Cavim meets a wide variety of needs for the Israeli design community, we offer
• Pre-academic preparatory courses for potential students.
• Professional certification studies in interior, fashion, industrial, and graphic design.
• A variety of professional specializations and enrichment seminars for professionals and the general public.
• Computer-based graphic, design, and architectural-drafting courses.
• „Masters“ program  – a prestigious  continuing education for designers and architects.

Cavim spearheads an approach that places emphasis on professional
practicum and training designers for work in the ‘real world’. Practical
experience working on actual projects is a fundamental part of the
curriculum, together with developing creative thinking and core
theoretical, academic studies at the highest possible level. Our
pedagogic approach is based on three basic creative teaching methods:
master class, practicum, and apprenticeship. During their studies we
offer students intensive personal guidance, and afterwards we continue
to mentor our young graduates as they take their first steps in the
professional world, either as employees or freelancers.

Do what you teach; teach what you do.
Teach your practice; practice your teaching.
Teach what you preach.
CAVIM‘ s faculty includes architects, designers from various
disciplines, and artists. Each member of the faculty, without exception,
is active in his or her field and combines teaching with practice.

The Greenhouse
CAVIM‘ s study center works as a ‘creative greenhouse’. Classes take
place in an intimate atmosphere in small groups; pleasant studios and
fully-equipped seminar rooms are the norm.

Some 2700 students complete their studies at Cavim each year. Thousands
of our graduates have successfully joined the Israeli and world
marketplaces. The outstanding ones combine successful careers with
teaching and mentoring in the place where everything began – here, with


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